My Hero Academia Unleashes The Storm With Gale Force

My Hero Academia is set to return later this fall with the arrival of its sixth season, which will see the heroes of UA Academy teaming up once again to now fight against the forces of the Paranormal Liberation Front, and one cosplayer has decided to focus on a young hero that isn’t a part of Class 1-A but certainly made a name for himself all the same. Gale Force, aka Inasa Yoarashi, is a student at Shiketsu High School having a Quirk that is as spectacular as it is destructive when it comes to defeating opponents.

Gale Force first appeared during the Provisional Hero License Exam, being pitted against Class 1-A and several other young heroes that were all hoping to get the opportunity to become professional crime fighters. Unfortunately, he was unable to pass the exam at this critical juncture, though he would eventually return during the Remedial Course Arc, wherein both himself, and Camie from his class, joined alongside Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki who also didn’t make the cut originally. With Gale Force eventually procuring his hero license, he has mostly been absent from the Shonen franchise but remains one of the biggest young heroes that isn’t a part of UA Academy.

Instagram Cosplayer Seanpai Senpai shared this new take on Inasa Yoarashi, with the young hero of Gale Force clearly being one of the flashiest young heroes that is looking to fight crime and might have a role to play in My Hero Academia’s manga before the story of UA Academy comes to an end:

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Kohei Horikoshi hasn’t been shy about the fact that his Shonen series is set to end in around a year, with the final battle between the students of UA Academy fighting against All For One and his army of villains. While we don’t know if Gale Force will jump into this battle that is set to bring the series to a close, the heroes of Class 1-A could certainly use the help when it comes to protecting Hero Society.


What do you think of this new take on the boisterous young hero? Do you think Gale Force will return to the manga before it comes to a close? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.