Naruto: Viral Video Captures Fan’s Reaction to the Anime’s Saddest Death

While there have been some major deaths in the history of the Hidden Leaf Village, perhaps none hit harder than that of Jiraiya, the mentor to Naruto who taught the future Seventh Hokage how to better harness his chakra and master the power of the Rasengan. Even though it’s been quite a few years since Naruto’s master passed on thanks to the terrifying power of the Akatsuki member Pain, it seems that his death is still causing shockwaves to this day as a viral video sees one Naruto fan unable to come to grips with the “Pervy Sage’s” demise.

Jiraiya’s death is one that creator Masashi Kishimoto is never planning on undoing, which makes sense considering how much of an effect that his passing had on both Naruto and the ninja world at large. Though Pain would eventually find himself rallying to Naruto’s cause, the former head of Akatsuki would perish all the same, though it would be as a result of the power of Obito and Madara Uchiha rather than the ninjas of Konoha seeking revenge. Luckily for fans, they were able to revisit Jiraiya in recent years thanks to a time travel story that saw both Boruto and Sasuke traveling to the past of the Hidden Leaf Village and running into Naruto’s former master.

Reddit User Remy Dodger shared this hilarious, heartbreaking Tik Tok that sees one fan reeling from the death of Jiraiya during the events of Naruto: Shippuden, which originally took place in the anime in 2009 in an episode titled “The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant,”:

When we found out Jiraiya off the internet died from

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Though Jiraiya has been long dead for some time, the story of Konoha continues via the sequel series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which sees Naruto becoming the leader of Konoha and his son, Boruto, taking the mantle of the protagonist. With the Kara Organization proving to be a very real and serious threat to the ninja world, Jiraiya has played a role in a roundabout way, as it was revealed that the villain Kashin Koji was actually a clone of the Pervy Sage. Kashin has yet to reveal himself following his battle against Jigen, though it’s only a matter of time before he returns to the series.


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