National Treasure: Catherine Zeta-Jones Reportedly Eyed for Villain Role in Disney+ Revival Series

It looks like the new National Treasure TV series may have found its villain. Disney is finally bringing back the popular adventure franchise for another go-round, this time with a new story and characters. The National Treasure series, which will air on Disney+, is about a young woman on the search for answers about her family, as well as a Pan-American treasure. Lisette Alexis is playing the lead role in the series, and screen legend Catherine Zeta-Jones could be taking on the role of her antagonist.

According to a new report from The Illuminerdi, Zeta-Jones has been offered the role of Billie, a “ruthless crypto-currency billionaire” who acts as the central villain of the series. There’s no word yet on whether or not Zeta-Jones has accepted the offer to star in National Treasure, but production is slated to begin early this year.

The main character in National Treasure, Jess (Alexis), is a DREAMer who knows that there is more to her family than she’s been told. She has been described as a “brilliant ad resourceful mind” who loves a good mystery and has a “natural talent for solving puzzles.” As she starts uncovering secrets about her parents and other members of her family, she discovers ties to a long-hidden treasure.

Jerry Bruckheimer is returning to executive produce the National Treasure TV series after producing the two Nicolas Cage films for Disney. He’s joined by original director Jon Turteltaub and writers Marianne and Cormac Wibberly. The two Wibberlys will be writing the pilot episode of the TV series with Rick Muirragui. Mira Nair is set to direct the debut. Production on the first episode of National Treasure is set to begin in early 2022.

Benjamin Franklin Gates, the character played by Cage in both National Treasure films, won’t be starring in the TV series. That said, the show is described as an “extension” of the films, alluding to the fact that they all exist within the same world. That means that, while Benjamin isn’t a substantial character on the show, he could have some influence over the characters. Benjamin’s story will eventually continue in the third National Treasure feature film, which is still in development at Disney.


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