Neon White Release Date Revealed

Neon White has a brand new release date for Nintendo Switch and PC. The new game is one of the most anticipated indies for the Nintendo Switch and highlights some of the immense creativity going on within that space. The game blends the fast-paced nature of a modern shooter with the mechanics of a card game, allowing itself to have a fresh and unique take on the shooter genre. With that said, it seems likely that this will likely resonate with Nintendo Switch owners looking for something new and original to play.

Neon White will release on June 16th for Nintendo Switch and PC, meaning fans won’t have to wait too long to play the game. The new trailer shown at Summer Game Fest highlighted the high-octane action players can expect from the game and gave us a taste of the voice cast from the game. It was recently confirmed that Neon White will have an impressive cast of actors with the likes of Steve Blum headlining the production. Earlier this year, the team behind the game talked a bit about the importance of utilizing a big voice cast for its upcoming game.

NEON WHITE (@PlayNeonWhite) launches June 16 on Nintendo Switch and Steam! Pre-orders available now.

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“We’re so fortunate to work with a voice cast with the talent and grace to absolutely nail Neon White’s unique tone,” said creator Ben Esposito in a previous statement. “It’s edgy, campy, funny, and surprisingly earnest, all encapsulated in Steve Blum’s pitch-perfect performance as our cool and charmingly clueless protagonist White. It’s been a joy to watch this incredible team of actors and actresses bring Heaven’s outlandish residents to life with both a sense of humor and a familiar warmth.”

Neon White is described as “a lightning fast first-person action game about exterminating demons in Heaven.” You play as an assassin from Hell named White, an assassin from Hell trying to compete with other demon slayers for the opportunity to permanently live in Heaven. The game looks like a truly special Nintendo Switch experience that should satisfy indie lovers.


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