New Game Announced With Trailer For MIRA AND THE LEGEND OF THE DJINNS

Assemble Entertainment and littlenightgames have revealed a new Metroidvania game, MIRA and the Legend of the Djinns. Go on an adventure that draws heavy inspiration from Moroccan and Aamazigh culture, language, and spiritual traditions as you take on the role of Yuba, an avid treasure hunter, and Mira, the first Djinn discovered in generations. Together you will journey through the devastated world of Fallen Amazgesh to discover Mira’s lost memories and what happened to her land and its people. Gameplay is classic Metroidvania and from the trailer looks great. You’ll get to use weapons imbued with elemental power in a fluid combat system that will easily let you switch between them. A skill tree of new combos will be unlocked either from progressing in the game or by buying them. Overall, I think the game looks pretty good so far and the story sounds intriguing. The planned release date is 2023 but it is available to wish list on Steam now.