New Harry Potter Game Announced

The OP Games announced a brand new dice game themed around Harry Potter. Harry Potter: Mischief on Diagon Alley is a new game in which players have to fix the shops of Diagon Alley after a hex has mixed up their goods and magical supplies. Players will roll dice to gain control of specific shops, clearing out items that don’t belong in the shops while keep items that do. The first player to successfully bring the shops back to normal is the winner. More details about this fast-paced dice game is expected to be released soon.

Harry Potter: Mischief on Diagon Alley is the latest in The OP’s Harry Potter line of games. The publisher also has a popular series of Hogwarts Battle games, in which players build decks of Harry Potter-themed cards to win the day. The OP also publishes Harry Potter-themed versions of Jenga, Talisman, and Monopoly, along with a series of one-off games.

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Harry Potter: Mischief on Diagon Alley is one of several new dice games due to be published by The OP in the coming months. The OP is also planning to release a retail version of Marvel: Dice Throne, which is a Marvel-themed version of the popular “dice building” game. That game already had a successful Kickstarter campaign, but will be released in retail stores later this year.


Harry Potter: Mischief on Diagon Alley supports 3-5 players and has a retail price of $24.99. The game is due out in September.