New Horizon Game Announced by PlayStation

Prior to the release of Horizon Forbidden West in a little over a month, PlayStation and developer Guerrilla Games have announced an entirely new installment in the franchise. This new title is specifically going to be titled Horizon Call of the Mountain. And while it might not make much sense at face value for PlayStation to have two games in this series both in the cards, Call of the Mountain is instead going to be a VR game that will come to PlayStation VR2.

At this point in time, Guerrilla Games hasn’t said very much about what Horizon Call of the Mountain will have in store. The studio has said that the game has been built from the ground-up for PSVR2 and will look to take advantage of all the new features of the forthcoming headset. “Created for PlayStation VR2, this unique experience has been designed to push hardware technology, innovation, and gameplay. The stunning visuals and brand-new PS VR2 Sense controllers give a new meaning to being fully immersed into the world of Horizon,” Guerrilla’s studio director Jan-Bart van Beek said in a recent PlayStation Blog post.

The one thing that Guerrilla has confirmed about Call of the Mountain at this point is that the title will not feature Aloy as the main protagonist. While Aloy, who is the playable character in Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, will still be found within Call of the Mountain, the protagonist of this VR venture will be different. “We don’t want to reveal too much just yet, but this story will be told through the eyes of an entirely new character,” van Beek went on to say. “You will also meet Aloy, other familiar faces, and new characters along the way, and we’ll be introducing you to the protagonist of Horizon Call of the Mountain soon.”

For now, specifics surrounding the release of Horizon Call of the Mountain haven’t been detailed because, well, PlayStation VR2 itself doesn’t even have a launch date just yet. Given that Sony has already been publicly talking about PSVR2 with 2022 barely having started, though, it stands to reason that we’ll start to learn a whole lot more as the year continues on.


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