League of Legends’ next champion hasn’t yet been confirmed, but following a leak from before that supposedly showed the first look at the new Void jungler, it looks like we may have also gotten a preview of the character’s abilities, too. A quick look at the abilities shows a champion with a fair amount of mobility and opportunities for crowd control which would make sense given the jungler role. Riot has not yet revealed the next champion, so all of this remains unofficial until then.

That said, the details supposedly leaked about the champion, Bel’Veth, were shared on Reddit in a subreddit that’s already been erected for those planning on playing that champion. That info was presumably shared in this post which has since been deleted, but not before others were able to pull the details from the post and reshare them elsewhere. League player Big Bad Bear who’s been cataloguing the Bel’Veth rumors and leaks recently shared one such video below which included the info from the post.

Those abilities can also be seen transcribed below from the video. We’ve left the ability descriptions unedited as they appeared in the video and the sourced post, though the leaker reiterated throughout that these moves were subject to change.

Passive – Death in Lavender

Enemies (Champs, big monster camps, epic monsters, siege and super minions) drops a “thing” when die. Bel’veth can collect these to stack her passive. This passive forms a swarm based on the stacks. It grants her lifesteal against jg camps. If she attacks a turret or epic monster, she sends her swarm to it, healing her and damaging it. It consumes all stacks.

Q – Void Surge

Passively: Bel’veth has a “arrow” in 4 diagonals.- Active: beliveth dashes, dealing damage and slow. It procs her passive to passed enemies while in Endless Banquet. When she damages a champ/big monster/epic monster (in the direction of the arrow) with her dash, it is fully restored to cast again. Using against small monsters/minions in the direction of the arrow, it restores 40% of QCD.


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W – Above and Below

It seems the same as Rek’s W with Pyke’s W. Belveth go underground (actually she enters in a sea, water idk) for a short time, gaining movspeed and going through walls. At the end, she unburrows, dealing damage and knocking up all enemies in the area. While in Endless Banquet, she becomes untargetable, and grants a short stun after the knockup.

E – Royal Maelstrom

Bel’veth starts channeling a vortex, during it, she cant move and pull all enemies to her, damaging then for each second. During it, she receives less damage. She give back a % of all damage she received for the attackers (like thornmail). While in Endless Banquet, this deal a % of true damage over second, her damage reduction is higher, and at the end, she can explode its area.

R – Endless Banquet

Bel’veth turns into her true form for (?) seconds (like aatrox’s R or swain new R, the duration is high and it can be longer while in combat) buffing all her skills. She gains HP, MR, Armor and Damage. While transformed, collecting (Passive stack) heals bel’veth for a %. She uses all her stacks to form a swarm of (fishes?), damaging enemies champs nearby. The swarm dies after some time, but it can be renewed by killing champs.

Bel’Veth hasn’t yet been revealed in any official capacity, but if and when that happens, we’ll have to see how closely these abilities line up to the real deal.