New LEGO Super Mario Character Packs Revealed

Over the last few years, Nintendo and LEGO have offered a number of sets based on the Super Mario franchise. In addition to the bigger sets, LEGO has also released smaller character packs. At LEGO Con, the company revealed the fifth wave of these packs, which includes familiar Mario family characters such as Nabbit, a blue Shy Guy, a Baby Yoshi, and more. For fans of LEGO and Mario, this wave looks like a must-own, with plenty of fan favorites and obscure additions.

Images of the new wave of character packs can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Just announced at LEGOCON, the latest LEGO Super Mario Character Packs are on the way! Get playing with Nabbit, a Hammer Bro, Baby Yoshi and more!

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— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) June 18, 2022

While the LEGO Super Mario line features designs based on several different games, this wave of character packs seems to be heavily inspired by New Super Mario Bros. U. Waddlewings first appeared in that game, often dropping Super Acorns. Nabbit also debuted in the 2012 title as an antagonist, and later appeared as a playable character in the game’s DLC. Of course, Waddlewings and Nabbit have since gone on to appear in several other Mario games, so fans should recognize both even if they haven’t played this particular game. The Baby Yoshi design seen in the Tweet above first appeared in 1991’s Super Mario World, but Yoshi also plays a big role in New Super Mario Bros. U, so newer fans and long-time ones should both be able to appreciate that design.

The collaboration between Nintendo and LEGO has been very interesting to see over the last few years! While some were disappointed that LEGO did not make traditional minifigs of the Mario cast, the designs seem to have grown on a lot of Nintendo fans. Oddly enough, these LEGO designs have never been used in a video game. Considering how well LEGO video games continue to sell, it’s somewhat strange that Nintendo hasn’t made a Mario game that features LEGO-inspired designs and gameplay. Perhaps if these sets continue to sell well, we’ll see a video game collaboration in the future!


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