New LoL champ Nilah abilities harness a demon of joy

League of Legends welcomes its newest champion, Nilah the Joy Unbound, onto the MOBA game’s public beta environment today. Nilah is a warrior ascetic, a skirmisher from a faraway land, and she’s bound to a powerful demon of joy. Nilah’s abilities are centred on this demon, and the joyful energy she radiates on the battlefield because of it.

Nilah’s passive is called Joy Unending, and it effectively buffs the amount of experience Nilah and her allies get when Nilah last-hits a minion. Half of the XP that would normally be lost to sharing last-hit XP with nearby allies is instead granted back to Nilah and the nearest allied champ. Nilah also gets additional benefits from allied heals, and shares that buff with her nearby allies.

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