New Ubisoft Report Has Far Cry Fans Worried

A new report has Far Cry and fans of other Ubisoft games quite worried. In addition to underwhelming releases and games trapped in development hell, Ubisoft is now bleeding talent. In other words, things are seemingly about to get worse for the French games maker, who is reportedly set to evolve Far Cry with the next installment by blending the traditional format with a live-service format. In other words, not only is Ubisoft about to take Far Cry in a new direction, but it’s losing key talent in the process, all of which points towards a disappointing future for Far Cry fans.

Ubisoft isn’t just bleeding talent, it’s apparently bleeding a ton of talent. And given the various misconduct scandals, it’s not very surprising this is happening. Add to this the general workforce reshuffle the world has been experiencing, and you apparently get what is being described as an “exodus” from Ubisoft.

Right now, we don’t have exact figures on how many developers have recently left Ubisoft, but LinkedIn indicates the company has been losing more employees than its competitors. And in many instances, this talent has been in senior and key positions. Now, considering many of Ubisoft’s recent games haven’t been very good, this reshuffling from top to bottom may be beneficial, but it’s going to, at the very least, create problems in the short term, as replacing senior talent is challenging and the process of hiring is a long one.

For now, much of this is conjecture, but there is certainly an uncertainty to Ubisoft right now, and if there’s an uncertainty to Ubisoft, there’s an uncertainty to the games it’s making. If the reports are true and Far Cry is about to have some live-service design injected into it that would be enough cause for concern for fans of the series. Add this new data to the equation, and you have the cherry on top.