New World devs are improving the early and mid-game for solo players

Amazon Games is working on new content to make New World’s early to mid-game more enjoyable, particularly for solo players. In a recent interview with PCGamesN, game director Scot Lane points to the MMORPG‘s earlier stages and endgame when asked what areas of PvP and PvE the team has identified as underdeveloped.

“We know we have some work to do to improve the experience in the early-mid game (especially for solo players) and have already begun working on content to improve that experience,” he tells us. “Our goal is to keep responding to what players ask for, and feedback from players will continue to help shape New World’s direction.”

As for what these kind of improvements could look like, Lane points to the recent introduction of the Varangian Raiders. The new gang of foes was added in the recent Into The Void update, with story-led quests giving you a sense of who they are. “So far, only a few Varangian camps have shown up in the player-inhabited parts of Aeternum, but all indications are that we’ll be seeing more of them,” he tells us.

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