New World patch makes it harder to flip a territory into a conflict state

New World’s server transfer functionality isn’t here just yet, but the #MMORPG has a new update to lay more groundwork for it while adding tweaks and bug fixes. One of the main changes relates to faction missions and the effort it takes to flip a territory into a conflict state.

Amazon Games has adjusted the rates of influence gain so bringing another faction’s land into battle will continue to “require significant effort over time”. The amount of influence an attacking faction accrues over time has been significantly reduced due to a bug causing it to increase much faster than intended. Defending factions have also had their influence decline lowered to bring things into a better balance.

We also have heaps of bug fixes. The devs have fixed an issue where the tier three fishing treasure chest wouldn’t fight back after being hooked, so, you know, prepare for that. Quite handily, Amazon has also fixed an issue where you could be charged the entire cost of an item stack in a different settlement your faction owns.


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