Nier: Automata secret door is harbouring mods, it transpires

A mysterious Nier: Automata secret door video that has been perplexing the anime game’s neighborhood has been revealed to the work of mods. The video, which appeared to point out protagonist A2 getting into a mysterious church space within the Copied City, is viral advertising and marketing for a hefty set of fan-designed mod instruments that the staff showcased in a brief Twitch stream.

The developers initially teased the video out below the guise of a random person who had unintentionally stumbled throughout the secret door. While there was definitely hypothesis that the content material may very well be the results of a mod, the complexity of the room and the scripting concerned had been past what had been seen among the many Nier: Automata mod neighborhood. This led to hypotheses that maybe the room was a part of viral advertising and marketing for the recently-released Switch model of Nier: Automata, for a Drakengard 3 remake, and even for a brand new game.

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This hypothesis was additional fueled by the game’s producer Yosuke Saito, who tweeted in regards to the preliminary video with the easy remark, “Eternal mystery,” and adopted up suggesting that it was one thing the game’s creator Yoko Taro would possibly do. Yoko Taro himself additionally referenced the video obliquely, with none particular affirmation or denial as to its nature.