Nintendo has “taken action” regarding Activision Blizzard amid controversy

An internal Nintendo of America email has surfaced addressing the ongoing situation at Activision Blizzard and the reports surrounding its CEO Bobby Kotick. 

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As reported by Fanbyte, an email penned by Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser went out to all levels of the company, including internal developers like Retro Studios.

“Along with all of you,” starts Bowser, “I’ve been following the latest developments with Activision Blizzard and the ongoing reports of sexual harassment and toxicity at the company. I find these accounts distressing and disturbing. They run counter to my values as well as Nintendo’s beliefs, values and policies.”

The email goes on to state that Nintendo is “in contact with Activision, have taken action and are assessing others,” although the specifics of that contact and the definition of “action” in this case are unknown.

“Every company in the industry must create an environment where everyone is respected and treated as equals, and where all understand the consequences of not doing so,” Bowser adds.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model. Credit: Nintendo

After publication Fanbyte received an email from Nintendo PR, which was also seen by journalist Stephen Totilo, confirming the contents of the email. “We can confirm the content of Doug Bowser’s internal email to Nintendo of America staff is accurate. We have nothing further to share on this topic.”

This comes after a Wall Street Journal report alleged that Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick knew about the sexual misconduct and company culture at the publisher/developer for years, and did nothing about it. Kotick has also apparently stated that if he cannot turn the culture at the company around, he’ll step down from his position as CEO.

This official stance from Nintendo comes after the top brass from both Xbox and PlayStation have made similar internal statements. Phil Spencer of Xbox said the company is “evaluating all aspects” of its relationship with Activision Blizzard.

In other news, the Game Boy-looking handheld Analogue Pocket is to begin shipping this December.

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