Nintendo Switch Getting Divisive N64 Game Next Month

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED users can look forward to a classic and equally divisive N64 game, because according to a new leak, the game in question is coming to the platform, via the Nintendo eShop, in just a few weeks. Back on March 18, 2020, almost two years ago, Nightdive Studios and Valiant Entertainment announced a remaster of Shadow Man, appropriately titled, Shadow Man Remastered. At the time, the remaster was not only announced for Nintendo Switch, but PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Since then, it’s come to PC, but none of the console versions have dropped and right now there’s no official word of when they will drop, but it may be soon, or at least the Nintendo Switch version is seemingly imminent.

There’s still no official word of when the remaster will come to the Nintendo Switch, but the game has reared its head on the Nintendo eShop with a $20 price tag and a January 17, 2022 release date. Now, there’s a chance this is some type of error, but it’s a small one.

Released by developer Acclaim Studios Teesside and publisher Acclaim Entertainment, Shadow Man debuted back in 1999 via the Nintendo 64, PC, and PS1. After its initial release, it then came to the Sega Dreamcast a few months later. To some, Shadow Man is a cult classic and one of the best games of its year, but as alluded to, many would disagree with this. In other words, it’s a divisive game.

As for the remaster, it not only enhances and improves the game, adding modernity where needed, but it actually has a substantial amount of new content as well.

“He is coming, stalking criminals in the spirit world and the real world,” reads an official blurb for the game. “A possessed man is coming, a voodoo mask in his chest and lines of power in his back. Shadow Man is coming, trailing evil from Liveside to Deadside. To stop an apocalypse. To save your soul.”


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At the moment of publishing, none of the implicated parties have commented on this leak. For now, all we have is unofficial information. If this changes, the story will be updated accordingly. In the meantime, take everything here with a grain of salt for the time being.