Nvidia’s DLDSR could bring 4K quality to 1080p RTX-powered gaming PCs

Nvidia’s already got a few clever tools within its box of RTX tricks, and it just announced that it’ll be adding a few more via a Game Ready Driver. If you own one of the green team’s GPUs, you’ll soon have access to a new downsampling feature dubbed DLDSR, and a bunch of Freestyle filters to boot.

Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution, or DLDSR for short, is essentially an AI-powered version of Dynamic Super Resolution. Just like DSR, the tech renders games at a higher resolution to enhance quality before reducing things down to match the user’s native resolution. However, in a similar way to DLSS, the new tool promises to balance performance and downsampling capabilities, with results at 2.25x factor that match DSR’s 4x factor capabilities.

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In addition to quality-enhancing tools, Nvidia’s also working with reshade filter creator Pascal Gilcher on three depth-based Freestyle filters. The first of the lot, SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion), enhances shadows near 3D object intersections. There’s also DOF (Depth of Field), a blur effect that applies to object distance. Lastly, SSRTGI (Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination) simulates the effects of ray tracing by improving shadows and lighting in-game.

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