Odd Taxi: In the Woods Releases New Synopsis

Odd Taxis debut feature film will soon be coming our way later this Summer, and Crunchyroll is getting ready for its launch with a new synopsis for Odd Taxi: In the Woods! The original anime series had one of the most surprising debuts of 2021 overall as while it initially had a quiet premiere, the series picked up a huge following with each new episode that explored its main story. The series was such a hit that it had an even bigger debut in Japan’s box office when it launched, and soon international fans will get to see what the fuss is all about for themselves as well.

Crunchyroll has officially revealed their schedule for the Summer 2022 anime season, and confirmed that they will be streaming Odd Taxi: In the Woods sometime over the next few months. While there has yet to be a concrete release date for the new movie just yet, they did reveal more of what fans can expect to see from the mysterious movie picking up from the events of the original anime series with a new synopsis giving us the best tease for the new film yet.

(Photo: OLM / P.I.C.S.)

Crunchyroll’s official description for Odd Taxi: In the Woods begins as such, “Obstinate and taciturn Odokawa cruises through the city as a privately-owned taxi driver, doing his best to avoid associating with others as he lives an ordinary life. However, he is unexpectedly dragged into the Nerima Ward Missing High School Girl case one day. Furthermore, the people around him begin making ominous claims about him, such as hearing voices coming from his apartment when he supposedly lives alone.”

Continuing further, the description reads, “Over 100 million yen, gangsters with mysterious motives, up-and-coming idols, a college student turned celebrity, and various other elements get thrown into the mix as the situation spins out of control. Despite everything, carrying out a certain plan settles the situation all at once. With much sadness and absurdity, the series of events had been resolved… or so it seemed.”

Finally the synopsis teases more of what happened after the events of the original series, “Once the case ended, the people involved testified about what they saw behind the scenes and what really happened then. And by tying these together, a new picture of the case emerges. The events that turned one taxi driver’s life upside down change shape, and the gears of the future begin shaking once again.”


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How do you feel about the synopsis for Odd Taxi: In the Woods? What did you think of the original anime series? Will you be checking out the new movie when it releases on Crunchyroll later this Summer? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!