One Piece Art Gives Wano’s Finale a Traditional Makeover

The War For Wano Arc has already come to a close in the pages of One Piece’s manga, with the anime still looking to translate some of the biggest moments in the fight between Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates and Kaido and his Beast Pirates. With the Straw Hats still feeling the after effects of the Wano Arc, one fan artist has taken the opportunity to depict one of the biggest moments that followed the end of the War For Wano, bringing together some of the biggest residents of the isolated nation as a new future awaited them.

One of the biggest moments that the anime adaptation has yet to cover is the arrival of Luffy’s newest, and most powerful, transformation, with Gear Fifth giving the Straw Hat Pirate the ability to transform into a living cartoon. Despite creating faces that could only be found in something like Looney Tunes, Gear Fifth also can help Luffy in astronomically growing in size and even launch attacks that involve Monkey plucking a lightning bolt out of the sky and hurling it towards his opponents. Unfortunately, Eiichiro Oda is currently working on the final saga of the Straw Hats, as the Shonen tale is readying to bring the story of the Grand Line to a close.

Twitter Artist Justin96636 depicted one of the biggest moments to come out of the ending of the War For Wano Arc, in which the residents of Wano Country were finally shown how their future was set to change as a result of Luffy and the resistance fighters defeating Kaido, Big Mom, and the wild army that was the Beast Pirates:

Chien Chih Kang art work-onepiece ukiyoe style 2022

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— ??? (@Justin96636) June 7, 2022

One Piece’s manga is set to go on hiatus before the Final Arc begins, giving Oda some lead time in creating the story that might be the biggest of the Shonen franchise to date. With Wano set to continue into the future under the rule of Kozuki Oden’s son, Momonosuke, it will be interesting to see how this country comes into play with the final storyline and how the defeat of Kaido will set the stage for what might be the Straw Hats final journey.


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