One Piece Gives Luffy New Bounty Poster After Wano

One Piece is setting the stage for the final saga of the series, and with the final moments of the Wano Country arc has given Monkey D. Luffy a new bounty poster! The bounties are an interesting thing in One Piece as while they serve as a measurement for prospective power levels for each of the pirates, they are really meant to serve as a way to highlight just how much of a threat the World Government considers each pirate to be. This has been true for Luffy as his has increased with each of the arcs so far, and Wano has presented some of the biggest changes yet.

With series creator Eiichiro Oda now taking a break for the Summer to properly prepare for the final saga of the manga series, the final chapter of the Wano Country arc has provided some of the biggest set up for the grand finale yet with some major changes for not only Wano itself, but changes that will likely have a huge impact on the rest of the series to come. With Luffy, he’s now geared up for this finale with not only a bounty of three million Berries, but a brand new bounty poster that showcases his Joyboy like Gear Fifth form.

I colored new Luffy’s bounty from the last chapterONEPIECE1053

— BuggyoDoGwen (@Uruhiyo) June 17, 2022

Chapter 1053 of One Piece confirmed that the news of Big Mom and Kaido’s defeat had made it outside of Wano already, and with it, Luffy, Kid, and Law had their bounties increased to three billion each. Luffy’s basically doubled since the events of the Whole Cake Island arc, and funny enough there was an Elder from Mariejois who complained about the fact that the picture for his poster had been changed. They try to reprint them (and even remove the “D” from Luffy’s name), but it’s already too late.


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So not only will Luffy be now considered one of the new Four Emperors following his victory on Wano, but he’s now got a new bounty poster that helps to showcase how he’s vert much like the Joyboy of legend. This is likely going to be an even bigger thorn in the world government’s side, and thus it puts a bigger target on Luffy’s back than ever. How do you like Luffy’s new bounty poster? What are you hoping to see from the Straw Hat Captain in the final saga of the manga series? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!