One Piece: Red Reveals Concept Art of Shanks’ Daughter

One Piece is gunning for theaters this fall, and fans are already eyeing its new movie with wide eyes. That is what happens when the anime’s team confirms the film will feature Shanks’ estranged kid. It wasn’t long ago One Piece: Red revealed its original character was related to Shanks, and now we have gotten a new look at Uta to celebrate.

The artwork was shared over on Twitter courtesy of the official One Piece page. It was there fans were shown several sketches of Uta as a kid, and the girl looks absolutely adorable.

Sketches by Oda of kid Uta in One Piece RED! pic.twitter.com/rHqdHBBnKP

— Artur – Library of Ohara (@newworldartur) May 4, 2022

With their hair down loose, it is easy to make out the red-white colorway Uta’s locks take on. In this new art, the young girl is covering her ears with a pair of headphones with her name on them, and her smile mirrors that of Shanks. The look completes itself here with a simple long-sleeve dress, and Uta has paired the casual outfit with a pair of flat booties.

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As you can imagine, One Piece fans are smitten with this new artwork, and Uta is becoming a fast favorite with netizens. The girl stuck up buzz when their design was first revealed months ago, and many wondered if she would be tied to Shanks somehow. After all, One Piece: Red has promised to focus on the Yonko since it was first announced, and Uta’s red hair did seem suspicious. The hunch was confirmed this year when a trailer revealed Uta was Shanks’ hidden daughter, and fans will learn more about the heroine once One Piece drops its newest movie this fall.


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What do you think of this new sketch of Uta? Do you see the family resemblance here with Shanks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.