Overwatch 2 Exploit Already Broke a Reworked Ability

Overwatch 2 got its very first public balance update this week with several buffs and nerfs applied to heroes alongside total ability reworks. Roadhog benefitted from one of those with a new version of his ultimate to use against adversaries, but it looks like he actually benefits from it much more than expected. An exploit has already been discovered that shows Roadhog’s able to obliterate enemies with his Whole Hog ultimate since it apparently doesn’t have a cap on how fast it can fire.

If you’re thinking to yourself that Roadhog’s ultimate doesn’t have a changeable fire rate, you may have missed the update from Thursday. It made it so that the Whole Hog ability was no longer a channeled ultimate and instead requires players to use the primary fire button to make it work. That allows for more control over the ability, but if you’ve got any kind of setup that lets you click super fast, it apparently also allows Whole Hog to unleash unintended levels of damage and pressure on opponents.

hog ult doesn’t have a max fire rate @PlayOverwatch plz fix ? pic.twitter.com/C3z7QOuCTA

— Lyric (@lyric_ow) May 5, 2022

The clip above from Twitter user lyric_ow (via Dexerto) shows the issue with this new version of the move. The Overwatch 2 player said in a reply that this wasn’t rapid clicking but was instead a macro used in the game’s training area. By using something like that – or an auto-clicker, or setting your mouse wheel to be the primary click, or whatever else you may have that’ll achieve the same effect – you can fire as fast, if not faster, than what’s shown in the clip.


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That’s naturally not how this ability was supposed to work in its reworked form, but then again, this is a beta, so this is the place where things like Roadhog’s busted ultimate get ironed out. Another update will likely release at some point during the beta that’ll include a fix for this and any other issues that might arise with other characters’ abilities. We’ll most likely see something like this happen to someone else, too, seeing how Blizzard said it has more refreshed abilities planned for characters that could release in this first beta.