Overwatch 2 patch equips Zenyatta with a mighty kick, buffs Roadhog

            The first Overwatch 2 patch is live, making adjustments to some of the best – and worst – performing Heroes. Essentially, it's good news if you like Roadhog, and even better news if you like everyone's favourite monk Zenyatta.

Chief among the Hero changes is Zenyatta’s new kick attack. It’s officially called Snap Kick, but the Overwatch community instantly dubbed it the ‘Zen Boop’ while experimenting to see just how far the healer can now kick other heroes. The answer is pretty darn far, leading some to predict a nerf in the next patch.

Snap Kick makes up for Zenyatta’s close-range failings by letting him push enemies back and increasing the healer’s quick melee damage by 50%. It makes the murderous monk more well-rounded while fulfilling a previous promise Blizzard made. In an earlier blog post, the dev team said they planned on experimenting with new abilities for existing support heroes to make playing as them more fun, while giving them a fighting chance in PvP as well.

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