Peter Dinklage’s Upcoming Musical Film CYRANO Gets “A Razor Wit” Featurette

MGM has a new featurette for the Joe Wright-directed musical film Cyrano, which is an adaptation of the classic novel Cyrano de Bergerac, “the greatest love story ever told.” The movie stars Peter Dinklage as Cyrano de Bergerac, Haley Bennett as Roxanne, and Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Christian.

The featuette is titled “A Razor Wit,” and it features the cast and crew talking about this latest adaptation of the story and how one of the things they wanted to do was change the long speeches from the original play into songs, which totally works.

Cyrano looks like a beautifully made movie and I’m looking forward to watching it. I know a lot of people aren’t into musicals, but for me, my dad was very much involved with musical theater when I was growing up. I even did some musical theater as well when I was a kid, so it’s just one of those things that I came to appreciate. The synopsis reads:

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Award-winning director Joe Wright envelops audiences in a symphony of emotions with music, romance, and beauty in Cyrano, re-imagining the timeless tale of a heartbreaking love triangle. A man ahead of his time, Cyrano de Bergerac (played by Peter Dinklage) dazzles whether with ferocious wordplay at a verbal joust or with brilliant swordplay in a duel. But, convinced that his appearance renders him unworthy of the love of a devoted friend, the luminous Roxanne (Haley Bennett), Cyrano has yet to declare his feelings for her — and Roxanne has fallen in love, at first sight, with Christian (Kelvin Harrison, Jr).

The movie also stars Bashir Salahuddin and Ben Mendelsohn, and it’s set to get its wide theatrical release on February 11th.