‘PlayStation Home’ is back from dead after 6 years thanks to fan project

PlayStation Home, the strange Second Life-like social space that shut down in 2015, has been resurrected by fans.

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The project has been undertaken by Destination Home (as spotted by VGC), a non-profit group that has previously resurrected an offline version of the experience that can be played on modded PlayStation 3.

Now, after joining forces with the PlayStation Online Network Emulated fan, players can once again connect to Destination Home.

In the above trailer, you can see that the group has managed to recreate the chilling PlayStation-themed dystopia that was PlayStation Home. While never popular with PlayStation’s core audience, PlayStation Home managed to hang on longer than many expected, only closing in 2015 following the first year of the PlayStation 4. 

The group has managed to bring back the Hub, the Bowling Alley and the Playground. It’s yet to be seen if the strange licensed games and customizable items will return.

In the original PlayStation Home, players could hang out in The Godfather II club or wear a plastic cup styled after Uncharted 3′s Subway cross-promotion.

In July 2021 Sony filed the third trademark update for PlayStation Home of the year, suggesting they still intend a future for the brand, although at the time of writing, nothing has come of it.

The trademark also involves developers of PlayStation Home, London Studio and its Soho Engine, which it built the game in.

In other news, Sledgehammer Games is investigating widespread reports of Call of Duty: Vanguard crashing.

According to VGC, the problems started shortly after the launch of Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone‘s new ‘Secrets of the Pacific’ event. Because of the issues, Sledgehammer Games has temporarily disabled the event.

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