Pokemon Fans Can Never Unsee This Viral Rock Evolution

Pokemon has been on the scene for decades at this point, and the franchise knows what it is doing. In its time, the IP has grown leaps and bounds thanks to its anime, video games, trading cards, and more. As old fans bring new ones into the community, the Pokemon fandom has blossomed in beautiful… if not weird ways. So of course, it makes sense for the series to go viral thanks to a rock.

And no, we don’t mean a rock-type crossover. We are talking about the genuine article himself, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The wrestler-turned-actor has left his mark on Pokemon, and his big welcome is taking over Twitter.

Finally, a rock type Eevee evolution. pic.twitter.com/gErHdmUAWS

[email protected]: Megaman LGNDS? (@JohnnyJunkers) January 5, 2022

As you can see above, the crossover came courtesy of JohnnyJunkers, a costume fabrications expert. The cosplayer is best known for teaching others how to style their looks for events, but they also dabble with props. And clearly, they were on to something when they decided to 3D print Eevee but with The Rock’s head.

Now, this design comes courtesy of another online creator. Over on Instagram, MyPokePrints stepped out with a guide for this Eevee along with several others. “There is a tread right now where everyone is putting the Rock’s head where it shouldn’t go… I needed to add to the nightmare fuel, so here is Rockmander, Rockachu, and Rockeevee,” they shared. The creator went on to share their blueprint online for other 3D printers to work with, and clearly, it made its way to JohnnyJunkers. They took the time to print out the monstrosity, and we aren’t sure whether the ends justified the means here.

Now, the whole world has been introduced to Rockeevee. Or as some are saying, Eevee’s long-awaited rock evolution. The mash-up makes no sense whatsoever but that isn’t stopping Pokemon fans from ogling the statue. And honestly, we’re not sure we want to look away either…


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What do you think of this wild Eevee mash-up? Which other Pokemon need to embrace their Dwayne Johnson evolution? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.