Pokemon Go Announces Controversial June Community Day

Pokemon Go has upset fans once again with their June Community Day announcement. Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced that Deino would be the focus of June’s Community Day, which will run from 11 AM to 2 PM local time on June 25th. Deino eventually evolves into the Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon Hydreigon, who will know Brutal Swing when evolved during the event. The Community Day will also feature a double catch candy bonus and a 1/4 egg hatch bonus during the event.

Despite the announcement that the game would feature a popular and otherwise rare Pokemon, it was the other feature of Deino’s Community Day that got people talking. After the Community Day ends at 2 PM, unique 4-Star Raids will appear in gyms. These 4-Star raids will feature Zweilous (the first evolution of Deino). If defeated, Deino will start spawning around the gym for up to thirty minutes afterwards. However, Pokemon Go stated that the 4-Star Raids can only be accessed using a normal Raid Pass or a premium Raid Pass. Players cannot use a Remote Raid Pass to participate. Interestingly, Pokemon Go’s in-game announcement also states that players need at least 10 players in the Zweilous raid to trigger the extra Deino spawns.

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While pushing for in-person raids makes sense due to the post-battle bonus, players are still upset that they can’t call on a friend to help with a 4-Star raid remotely. Most players will not be able to solo a 4-Star Zweilous raid, which means that players can only participate if they are in a Pokemon Go group. That might make sense for immediately after the Community Day, but a lot of players will struggle finding partners, especially in rural areas. That’s not even including the continued concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.


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