Pokemon GO is Teasing the Debut of Galarian Slowking

Niantic has already laid out the particulars for Pokemon GO’s Halloween season. Naturally, there might be heavy concentrate on Ghost and Darkish kind Pokemon, together with however not restricted to Gastly, Murkrow, and Duskull, with that final one to be the focus of October’s Pokemon GO Group Day. However now Niantic is teasing a brand-new addition to the recreation, one that also suits the spooky season.

On the official Pokemon GO Twitter account, Niantic posted a somewhat sinister wanting picture of a silhouette of a Pokemon rising from the woods. It doesn’t title the Pokemon, clearly, with the caption solely mentioning that mysterious chanting may be heard deep in the wild.

Any Pokemon professional (or a minimum of anybody who performed the Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword & Defend) will acknowledge the silhouette as belonging to Slowking. Particularly, the Galarian kind of Slowking which was launched in Pokémon Sword & Defend.

At first, it might appear random to introduce Galarian Slowking throughout this time because it is not a Ghost or Darkish kind, however as an alternative twin Poison and Psychic (common Slowking is Water and Psychic). Nonetheless, it really suits the Halloween season surprisingly properly and this is as a result of of its PokeDex entry.

The shell that kinds not solely covers most of Slowking’s face and takes on a darker coloration, however the Shellder turns into the extra clever of the two and successfully takes management of Slowking’s physique. Galarian Slowking have additionally been noticed gathering in teams to chant mysterious spells, though it’s unknown what precisely they’re saying.

The very idea of Galarian Slowking may be thought of fairly unnerving, particularly when in comparison with the Galarian Slowbro. There, the shell kinds on the Pokemon’s arm and acts as a stinger that may fireplace liquid poison. It’s nonetheless fairly harmful, however a minimum of there is no thoughts management or creepy chanting concerned. Some followers have even identified that Galarian Slowking is somewhat just like the contaminated monsters seen in The Final of Us video games.

It’s presently unknown when precisely Galarian Slowking might be added to the recreation. However followers can in all probability anticipate Niantic to share concrete particulars later in the month if it intends to have it coincide with Halloween.

Funnily sufficient, Galarian Slowbro has but to be added, in addition to most of the Pokemon launched in Pokemon Sword & Defend. Niantic has begun to slowly embrace them in Pokemon GO, with Legendary Pokemon Zarude presently nonetheless accessible till October tenth.

Pokemon GO is accessible on Android and iOS.

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