Pokemon Journeys Cliffhanger Sets Up Next Champion Battle

Pokemon Journeys has finally kicked off the highly anticipated Masters Tournament with its newest episodes airing overseas, and now the latest cliffhanger is setting the stage for the next major battle between champions! Ash Ketchum has been spending his time in the newest anime series working his way up through the ranks of the World Coronation Series until he reached the Master Class tier together with seven of the best competitors from across the Pokemon world. This tier includes some major regional champions, and with the tournament now kicking into high gear it’s clear that the battles are only going to get more impressive from here on out.

After previously revealing that the Masters Eight of the World Coronation Series included the champions from across every Pokemon region introduced thus far, the newest episode of the series kicked off the first match of the tournament. It also quickly brought this first battle to an end, and thus it means it’s already time for the next round. The second match of the quarterfinals will be between Kanto and Johto champion Lance and Kalos champion Diantha, and the two champs are gearing up for battle as the newest episode comes to an end.

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Episode 115 of Pokemon Journeys revealed the full bracket for the Masters Tournament, and with it confirmed that Lance and Diantha would be the second match overall. The first battle between Leon and Alain (who was notably the only non-champion who made it into the Masters Eight), and ended in Leon’s favor. When Lance and Diantha had figured out that they would be battling against one another, the two of them graciously accepted and are both readying to go all out to take the other one down.

It’s just that regardless of which either of them actually wins, they will still have to take on Leon in the semifinals. As for the rest of the bracket, the third battle will be between Cynthia and Iris and the fourth battle will be Steven Stone against Ash. It’s a competitive bracket for the Masters Tournament for sure, so even after Lance and Diantha’s battle there will still be some bigger battles ahead as the tournament continues to raise the stakes.


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Are you excited to see Lance and Diantha battle against one another? Which champion has the best chance at winning the battle? Which battle are you most excited to see in the Masters Tournament overall? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!