Pokemon Journeys Teases Goh’s Big Mission with Gary in New Synopsis

The talk of the town in Pokemon Journeys, within both the fandom and the world of the anime itself, has been the reveal of the Masters 8 line-up, with Ash Ketchum officially becoming one of the strongest Pokemon trainers in the world. With Ash preparing to battle some heavy hitters in an attempt to be crowned the best following his Alola Region Tournament win, Goh is now on a journey of his own that will see him competing against Gary Oak for a spot in the Project Mew Team.

Goh has been an interesting partner to Ash throughout the over one hundred episodes of Pokemon Journeys, not just seeking to become a strong trainer, but also looking to learn more about Mew and potentially do the impossible in capturing the legendary pocket monster. With Ash having been the lead of the anime series for over two decades at this point, many fans have been left wondering if this latest season has been a way for the franchise to finally pass the torch from Ketchum to his new travel companion. While Ash has captured wildly strong Pokemon such as Gengar, Lucario, and Dragonite, Goh turned plenty of heads earlier in the series when he was able to capture the legendary Pokemon known as Suicune.

Twitter Outlet Anipoke Fandom shared some new images from the one-hundred and thirteenth episode of Pokemon Journeys, apparently seeing Goh and Gary fighting side-by-side as they both vie for a spot in the organization that is seeking to learn more about the mysterious Mew:

Some new images from have emerged from JN113 “Last mission! Get Regieleki and Regidrago!!” airing on June 3.. Anipoke pic.twitter.com/e9AbswkvDV

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— Anipoke Fandom (@AnipokeFandom) May 10, 2022

The official description of the upcoming Pokemon Journeys episode reads as such:

“Goh, who had received his final Project Mew Trial Mission, heads alone to the Split-Decision Ruins in the Crown Tundra. His rival Gary is also there. Can Goh safely complete the mission? Who will become an official member of the Project Mew exploration team?”


Should Ash manage to actually become the strongest Pokemon trainer in the world, it might be the perfect opportunity to have Goh leading the series moving forward and setting up an eventual battle between the two friends down the line.

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