Pokemon Unite Could Have New Game Mode Soon, Another New Pokemon Teased

Pokemon Unite could be adding a new game mode or feature soon, which will allow players to capture and use the wild Pokemon who roam around the maps. The dataminer ElChicoEevee discovered game assets that indicate players will soon have the ability to capture and control the wild Pokemon on Pokemon Unite’s map. The datamine included image assets tied to various wild Pokemon’s moves, which are displayed on the HUD for players to use when controlling their Pokemon. Additionally, a separate datamine discovered that the wild Pokemon, which include Pokemon like Zapdos, Regigigas, and Drednaw, all have scoring animations. This appears to be a new game mode tied to Mer Stadium, the stadium only accessible in Quick Matches.

Pok?mon UNITE Datamine Leaks pic.twitter.com/vDZl30w5GB

— Eevee (@ElChicoEevee) May 4, 2022

Gameplay NPC (Beta)
5. Zapdos

You can control in new mode. pic.twitter.com/hZvv0Irwzn

— ? Sobble’s Unite ? (I want support community) (@sobbleunitedtm) May 4, 2022

Pokemon Unite has had temporary game modes before, and it seems like a mode built around using Wild Pokemon would be a fun short-term event. Past game modes have centered around different holidays, but there’s no indication that the Wild Pokemon mode would be connected to any sort of upcoming event.

Additionally, a datamine of the most recent Pokemon Unite update found more evidence that both Delphox and Espeon will be the next Pokemon added to the game. This was supported by a recent tweet from Pokemon Unite itself, which teased that a new Eevee evolution would be added to the game in the near future. Espeon would be the second Eevee evolution to be added to Pokemon Unite. It’s unclear whether Pokemon Unite would differentiate a Sylveon Eevee from an Espeon Eevee by giving them different moves, but it appears that the two Eevee on the roster will have different genders to help differentiate them.

There’s exciting competition in your future…
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— Pok?mon UNITE (@PokemonUnite) May 6, 2022

No release date has been given for Espeon or for this new game mode. Keep in mind that datamines are not necessarily a guarantee that new features will be coming to a game, although Pokemon Unite has not really deviated from the information found in datamines since its first release last summer.


Pokemon Unite is available now for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.