Proton now officially supports Nvidia DLSS, but it won’t come to Valve’s Steam Deck

Valve is paving the way for us to ditch Windows and dive into Linux PC gaming, as the Steam Deck leads the charge with SteamOS and its Proton compatibility layer. Now, with the release of Proton 6.3-8 (via Videocardz), the company hopes to tempt even more players to jump ship with official support for Nvidia DLSS.

The proprietary upscaling technology can help boost fps in games like Call of Duty: Vanguard or Back 4 Blood, without sacrificing much in the way of image quality. Unfortunately, team green’s upscaling technology won’t be supported on the Steam Deck as it uses an AMD Zen2-based SoC, and Nvidia DLSS requires an RTX chip.

Thankfully, Proton already supports AMD FSR, which doesn’t require your GPU be of a specific brand, so Steam Deck users won’t be entirely out of luck when it comes to upscaling options.

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