Rainbow Six Siege Devs Plan to Update the Map Banning System

Rainbow Six Siege has all sorts of different maps for people to play on with more new and reworked maps releasing all the time as the game enters each season. The game also has a ban system built in to allow people to avoid maps they don’t want to play on, and unsurprisingly, people often like to ban out maps that are either new or reworked so that they can perform better on ones they’re more familiar with. Ubisoft addressed that trend in a recent community Q&A and said it had plans to “change up the existing map ban system” in a way that’ll lead to greater map variety in the game’s competitive scene.

The topic of banning out unfamiliar maps came up in the Reddit AMA held recently where the Rainbow Six Siege team welcomed questions about Operators, maps, and other aspects of the game. This AMA came after the release of the game’s first real map in years, Emerald Plains, so naturally, people had map questions on their minds along with whatever other lingering questions they may have been waiting to ask.

One player pointed out that it was becoming “a large issue” where players would ban Emerald Plains instead of giving it a shot. While that’s currently happening with the new map, it follows that the same could happen in the future with other new maps and reworks. Rainbow Six Siege creative director Alexander Karpazis took on that question and said there are plans in mind to fix this problem and that more information would be shared soon enough.

“Good question! We have plans to change up the existing map ban system later this year and will be sharing more soon but suffice to say, this new system should lead to a wider range of maps seeing more active play in Ranked!” Karpazis said.


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Players pitched different ideas in the replies about how this issue could be solved by limiting bans or forcing players to play on new or reworked maps in the game’s casual environment to force people to get familiar with it, but the Rainbow Six Siege team didn’t offer any follow-ups regarding its intentions for this update of the map ban system.