Razer’s modular gaming desk concept belongs in Minority Report

Once you’ve plonked your gaming monitors down and arranged your keyboard and mouse, gaming desks aren’t usually something that’s on the upgrade radar. Razer believes your table could offer much more, however, and its Project Sophia concept envisions a fully modular desk with something for everyone.

The Secretlab Magnus might take issue with Razer’s claim that Project Sophia is the “world’s first true gaming desk concept,” but it certainly looks like the most technical. Adorned with touchscreens and displays, it’s designed with a whole host of functionality, such as monitoring tools to keep an eye on your system temperatures, hotkeys that take a cue from the Elgato Stream Deck, a streamer panel to swap scenes or check chat, and even a graphics tablet when paired with a stylus.

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On the hardware side of things, everything’s swappable. The monitor slips into place, THX-powered computer speakers magnetically clip onto the side, and it even makes it easy to attach your gaming microphone, webcam, and lighting.

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