Remnant 2 Patch Adds Matchmaking Regions, Increases Aberration Spawn Rate

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Gunfire Games’ first paid DLC for Remnant 2 is now available with The Awakened King. It adds a new location in Losomn, a powerful new boss, new weapons, armor, Rings and more. However, there’s also a new patch which adds some quality-of-life features and bug fixes.

For example, you can now matchmake based on region, and it will only show players from the same when searching for public games. Regardless of the setting, your friends’ games will remain visible. Another much-needed change is the increased spawn rate for Aberrations globally. Since their Corrupted Lumenite Crystals are necessary for upgrading Mutators, this is a good buff.

Other issues like the misaligned projectile from the Engineer’s Flamethrower Turret, the Handler becoming immobilized if executed while simultaneously being revived by their pet, and more have also been fixed. Check out the full patch notes below.

Remnant 2 is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. We gave it an 8 out of 10 in our review, with the combat, enemy design and procedural generation receiving praise.

The Awakened King DLC – Patch Notes

Quality of Life

[ General ]

Added matchmaking regions. You will be prompted for your region on first startup and can change it later if necessary. When you are searching for a public game, it will only show users in your region, and your region will determine which users can see your public games. Friends’ games are always visible, regardless of region settings. Fixed an issue where player’s data wasn’t always saved when a host quit or kicked them from a session. [ Enemies ]

Increased global spawn rate for aberrations. Bug Fixes

[ Progression & Rewards ]

Fixed an issue where “Carnage in C-Minor” Achievement / Trophy was not able to be acquired. Fixed an issue where Scroll of Binding was not able to be acquired. [ Archetypes ]


Fixed an issue where Flamethrower Turret projectile was misaligned. Handler

Fixed an issue where a player could be executed while very good boy was reviving them and cause the player to become immobilized. Archon

Fixed an issue where some enemies would not take damage from Havoc Form’s Lightning Tendrils attack. [ Gear / Items ]

Fixed an issue where Fae Shaman Ring was not working as intended with Dense Silicon Ring. Fixed an issue where One-Eyed Joker amulet was affecting projectiles heading direction Fixed an issue where Energized Neck Coil would play explosion vfx incorrectly in multiplayer. Fixed an issue where Rotted Arrow mod explosion was negated when shooting metal fence in some location in Losomn. Fixed an issue where Crescent Moon Moonlight Barrage mod failed to return to player when Hunter’s Shroud skill was active. Fixed an issue where Merciless Bleed was incorrectly triggering with Bandit Mutator. Fixed an issue where players were able to bypass some doors using World’s Edge charge attack. Fixed an issue where Tomb Dweller’s ring was not stacking 3 times. Fixed an issue where Corrupted Meridian was not scaling correctly with intended damage type. Fixed an issue where Corrupted Shards could be sold to vendors, this was not the intention and has been removed. Fixed an issue where Corrupted Merciless was not applying Bleed when Bloodshot mod was active. Fixed an issue where Shocker mutator didn’t scale with weapon level or show as active when charged. Fixed an issue where Energy Wall mod was emitting bright lights when mod power was full. Fixed an issue where Fae Bruiser ring was triggering on destroying breakables. Fixed an issue where Killswitch mod wasn’t requiring a switch to ranged weapon to proc and damage wasn’t scaling off of weapon level. Fixed an issue where Sequenced Shot would not proc correctly, now it requires all subsequent shots to be charged shots to proc. Fixed an issue where some items would persist across all worlds and not be able be picked up. Fixed an issue where kills with Scattershot would not proc fragmented shot. Fixed an issue where Beta Ray mod had an increased range when attached to an enemy. Fixed an issue where Detonation Trigger was not applying the correct damage with Corrupted and regular versions of Aphelion mod. [ Enemies ]

Fixed an issue where aberration in Twisted Chantry would not path to player correctly on stairs. Fixed an issue where Trapper affix was not being removed once the aberration was defeated. Fixed an issue where the Cube Boss would glitch creating a safe spot. Fixed an issue where the Custodian’s Eye VFX would linger after death. Fixed an issue where Shaed Knight’s auras were not visible to clients. Fixed an issue where Gwendil: The Unburnt’s bombs were not able to be shot while in her hand. Fixed an issue where Metaphysical Tal’Ratha was unable to have Burn status applied to him. Fixed an issue where the Fae Praetor couldn’t be hit while being kicked away after grabbing a player. Fixed an issue where Root Flyers could grab players while on elevators and get stuck. [ UI ]

Fixed an issue where some Mods did not update their descriptions when equipping rings that changed Mod Damage. Fixed an issue where some aberrations were missing their health bar. Fixed an issue where the doorway to the Lost Temple in the Faithless Thicket was showing up as a side dungeon in the minimap. [ Misc Fixes ]

Fixed an issue where some collision could trap players on Yaesha.

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