Ric Flair Opens Up About His Foot Issue, Confirms Charlotte Flair Will Attend His Last Match

Ric Flair will workforce with Andrade El Idolo to face Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal on the Ric Flair’s Last Match occasion on July 31 on the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. News broke on Monday that Flair would not be heading into the match at 100% as a result of a foot damage, which he clarified on Busted Open Radio as simply plantar fasciitis. He added, “Other than that, I am perfect. That damn thing is sore as s–. I’m at the doctor right now. They are gonna start injecting me with stuff,” he mentioned.

“I would just deaden it if I have to,” he added. “You know me. It affects me daily. It’s hard running the ropes with the center of your foot…the middle of your foot is so sensitive. I’ve been training hard, doing two-a-days.”

He additionally confirmed who can be attending the match, which incorporates his daughter and star Charlotte Flair, Rey Mysterio and Pat McAfee. Flair then addressed having Lethal concerned in his closing match because the Ring of Honor star was the one who helped along with his in-ring coaching when he first began preparing for his return.

“Absolutely. He’s a great guy. This kind of stuff, if I can pull it off, will be re-writing everything in my legacy again,” Flair mentioned. “Little nagging things. I thought I had COVID, then I thought I had pneumonia. You’re waking up every day thinking, ‘What could go wrong?’ Instead of being positive. That’s partly getting older and having lack of confidence, which I’ve had over the years. We’re going to have 9,000 people. I’m looking forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Jarrett tore into Flair throughout his newest podcast episode by saying, “What do you think ‘The Nature Boy’ signed up for? He cussed me out, cussed me out in front of my life, little hanger-on David Crockett, who’s a complete jabroni. Every person in WCW covered up for his BS. He gets on that doc and says, ‘Oh, we didn’t end the right way.’ Yeah, ’cause you ran it out of business, David Crockett. You ran your freakin’ old man’s promotion out of business and who was leading the charge? ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. Look, when everything went national, somebody had TBS and Turner, and Ted Turner had all the guns behind him. Somebody had USA Network. Who kicked their ass? It’s because the Crocketts put Ric Flair in charge. ‘Oh, The Nature Boy.’ Ric Flair couldn’t balance a lemonade stand, and there’s proof in the pudding there. Crockett, that whole doc made me sick, all this feel-good BS, Crockett, ‘We’re gonna end right,’ and Ric. He got exactly that he deserved in that parking lot. He wants to slight Jay Lethal and say you’re an opening card guy? Even if you really, really believe that, do you tell the guy that to his face? You do if you’re an egomaniac like Flair.”


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h/t Fightful