Roleplaying duo fights as Elden Ring bosses in PvP

Among the vast number of Elden Ring bosses to be found in FromSoftware’s expansive open world are several potent pairings, and now a roleplaying duo has taken it upon themselves to bring these tag teams into the RPG game’s PvP fights. The pair has already adopted builds based on the Godskin duo and the Crucible Knight duo fights, and they go so far as to restrict themselves to moves utilised by the enemies themselves.

User Mini_B3ast first posted a fight cosplaying and acting as the Godskin duo to the Elden Ring subreddit on June 18, and followed up with a scrap as Crucible Knights Ordovis and Siluria following positive reception to the first. Crucially, however, this isn’t just a case of slapping on some armour and calling it a day – the two players do their best to ensure a fun, fair fight for their outnumbered opponent.

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Instead of both diving in simultaneously, the pair attack in rhythmic waves, leaving a few moments of downtime between attacks. They also stick to the movesets of the original enemies (or their closest equivalents), and don’t run about or dodge-roll. In fact, they can’t – Mini_B3ast notes that both they and their partner equip several heavy weapons in their reserve slots to leave themselves overencumbered, in an attempt to better replicate the actual boss fights.

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