Sailor Moon Fan Brings Each Scout to Life with This Magical Cosplay

When it comes to magic girls, there are few series that do the trope like Sailor Moon. The iconic series came to fame decades ago with help from Sailor Moon and her faithful scouts. In the past few decades, fans from all over the world have found confidence after watching the anime. And now, one cosplayer has shared their journey with Sailor Moon by way of some amazing cosplays.

The project comes from Instagram the user JaharaJayde. It was there the content creator recapped one of the most ambitious projects yet. After all, they made it a personal goal to bring the Sailor Scouts to life, and their recap shows how gorgeous their craftsmanship became in 2021.

“Me cosplaying every scout was a slow process that was entirely brought on by my community. I started a long time ago with Mars. After which I told myself I hated cosplaying sailors because I didn’t think their skirt style fit me, and they were aesthetically too cute for my face shape,” they wrote to fans to share a bit of their journey.

“I tried Pluto because my fianc? convinced me I would look good. And I got a SURPRISINGLY positive response to her. To this day I still don’t understand what so many people loved about my Pluto lol. But then ya’ll began to ask me to do other scouts. Said I should try this one or that…and so I did. I looked them all over and decided Jupiter would be the next easiest for me to try. And that’s how it snowballed.”

As you can see above, Jahara’s cosplays are stunning to say the very least. From Sailor Moon to Sailor Mars and beyond, each character has a unique style that suits their personality. It is honestly hard to critique a single look, and when the pieces are put together, Sailor Moon has never had a better ambassador.


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Now, Jahara is poised to take what they learned from Sailor Moon and use it with their next big cosplays. And of course, future pieces from the series are still on the table. So if you want to check out their full body of work, you can find JaharaJayde on Instagram here.

What do you think of this gorgeous cosplay project? Which of these Sailor Scout looks is your favorite…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.