Sam Raimi Says a DARKMAN Sequel Is Being Discussed at Universal Pictures

Just a couple of weeks ago, Liam Neeson said that he’d be interested in returning for a sequel to Sam Raimi’s 1990 superhero film Darkman. Well, Raimi has now revealed that Universal Pictures is actually discussing making a sequel! When asked about a possible Darkman sequel, Raimi told TheWrap:

“Yes. Universal is talking about a Darkman sequel. There’s a producer attached. I haven’t heard the story yet or gone into it, I’ve been so busy with this movie [Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness]. But I think it’s cool.”

As for if Neeson would actually return to reprise his role, the director said, “I don’t know if he’d do it. But he’d be incredible.” Here’s what Neeson recently said when asked if he’d come back for a sequel, “That’s a good question. I would be very interested in reading the script. Very.”

So, I guess all they need to do is get that man a script! It’s very possible that we could see a legacy sequel to Darkman! I say legacy sequel because there were two other straight to DVD sequels to the film that were not very good. Raimi and Neeson were not involved with them.

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Raimi was hoping to make another feature film sequel in the ‘90s and there were initial plans, but when the movie didn’t do very well at the box office, those plans were shut down. Raimi explained, “We were probably thinking if it’d be successful there’d be more.” All these years later, maybe Raimi will finally get the opportunity to continue this story!

In the original film, “When thugs employed by a crime boss lead a vicious assault on Dr. Peyton Wilder (Neeson), leaving him literally and psychologically scarred, an emergency procedure allows him to survive. Upon his recovery, Wilder can find solace only by returning to his scientific work developing synthetic skin, and seeking revenge against the crime boss. He assumes a phantom avenger persona called Darkman, who, with malleable facial qualities, is able to infiltrate and sow terror in the criminal community.”

Would you like to see Raimi and Neeson reunite for a Darkman sequel?