SCP-028 – Knowledge : Safe : Location SCP

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SCP-028 – Knowledge : Safe : Location SCP

Item #: SCP-028

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No special means are needed to contain at this time, as SCP-028 has not shown any change in size, position or shape during the entire period of its containment, but access must be restricted. Currently, SCP-028 is contained on site (Site █), as SCP-028 is not transportable by any known means. SCP-028 is sealed in a six (6) by six (6) by three (3) meter (twenty (20) by twenty (20) by ten (10) foot) concrete room with a single door, with two (2) armed personnel stationed outside. Only authorized personnel are to be allowed exposure to SCP-028, and extreme care must be taken at all times. While SCP-028 is itself harmless, the effect can be very damaging to the unprepared. (See document EL-028-1125)

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