SCP-100 – Jamaican Joe’s Junkyard Jubilee (SCP Animation)

SCP 100 is a Euclid Class anomaly also known as Jamaican Joe’s Junkyard Jubilee.

SCP 100 is an abandoned scrapyard known as “Jamaican Joe’s Junkyard Jubilee”. The scrapyard covers roughly five thousand (5,000) square meters of fenced-off land, consisting of two warehouses, a storefront, and a small residential building, as well as neglected land and land used for storage. SCP100 holds roughly fifteen hundred (1,500) vehicles, both pressed and unpressed, as well as roughly fourteen hundred (1,400) kilograms of separate scrap, estimated to be worth $5,000 (€3,870)

SCP-100-1 is an autonomous, sapient, humanoid construct consisting mostly of copper piping, uninsulated copper wiring, and aluminum cans. SCP-100-1 lacks the ability for written or verbal communication; however, it possesses the ability to communicate using rudimentary sign language.

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