SCP-124 | Fertile Soil (SCP Orientation)

SCP Orientation is an archive of recordsdata of the SCP Foundation.

Today we shall be learning merchandise quantity SCP-124: Fertile Soil, Object class: Euclid.

SCP-124 is a plot of soil roughly 9 m2 in space and 14 m3 in dimension which has the flexibility to develop any organic organism to its full potential in a comparatively brief period of time. Nothing rising in SCP-124 requires exterior vitamins or different assets. Pesticides, too, aren’t wanted, as SCP-124 has a repellent impact on any insect or different invertebrates not rising in it.

Any meals grown in SCP-124 is reported to be of very top quality, style, and vitamin, it doesn’t matter what state the meals was in earlier than being planted in SCP-124.

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This video is derived from and launched underneath Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0. Contributor: unknown

Voice Over Artist: Greg Katerman; Twitter: @DatGreyMind

Attribution:Thomas Monnom


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