SCP-263 | Cash or Ash (SCP Orientation)

SCP Orientation is an archive of files of the SCP Foundation.

Today we will be studying Item number SCP-263: Cash or Ash, Object class: Safe.

SCP-263 is a black and white television, bearing the logo of the “THOMSON” company. When switched on, the TV always displays the interior of a studio, whose design bears similarities to studios of television game shows from the 1960’s. A large logo, saying “CASH OR ASH?” in large, stylized letters can be seen on the back wall of the studio, and an unidentified music piece is playing in the studio at all times.

The only person visible in the studio is SCP-263-1, a male human of Caucasian descent of approximately thirty-five years of age.

As soon as a human turns SCP-263 on, SCP-263-1 will look directly at the subject and say that the subject is “a new competitor who just tuned in to the Cash or Ash show.” He will then state that he wishes the subject “lots of luck” in answering “three fiendish questions”.

SCP-263-1 will proceed to ask the questions. The questions asked by SCP-263-1 are always related to the environment surrounding SCP-263. If inside of a fully enclosed structure, SCP-263-1 will ask questions about the owners, history, and design of the structure. If outside of a enclosed structure, SCP-263-1 will ask questions pertaining to the history, geology, ecosystem, and weather patterns of the surrounding area.

If within the next 45 seconds, the subject supplies a correct answer, their success will be acknowledged and briefly congratulated upon by SCP-263-1.

If, however, the subject answers incorrectly, or does not answer within forty-five seconds, SCP-263-1 will say: “Time’s up! So sorry,” and the subject will immediately combust.

Proceed to begin your training.

This video is derived from and released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0. Contributors: judgedeadd (Author), Devereaux (Rewrite author)

Voice Over Artist: Greg Katerman; Twitter: @DatGreyMind

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Music: by Natureworld1986

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