SCP-269 | Dialysis Bracelet (SCP Orientation)

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Today we shall be finding out Item quantity SCP-269: Dialysis Bracelet, Object class: Safe.

SCP-269 is an unmarked bracelet composed of crimson jade roughly 11 cm in diameter in its inactive state. When positioned on the wrist or ankle of a residing human topic, SCP-269 extends versatile tendrils that combine with its host’s circulatory system via the ulnar and radial arteries, a course of described by take a look at topics as being painless however mildly uncomfortable. Upon completion of this course of, SCP-269 can’t be faraway from its host with out amputating the affected hand or foot.
Once SCP-269 is totally built-in, it would start to filter substances from its host’s bloodstream. How that is executed shouldn’t be totally understood.

Investigation into the exact perform and origin of SCP-269 is ongoing.

Proceed to start your coaching.

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