SCP-682’s Secret Origin? – SCP-1124 – Xenoplague

SCP 1124 is a Keter Class anomaly also referred to as Xenoplague.

SCP-1124 are metallic objects discovered close to analysis base ILYENA.
The first situations of SCP1124 had been recovered from canisters beneath a mountain vary.
Instances of SCP-1124 are impervious to warmth and strain. Each is in any other case non-conscious of exterior stimuli save for bodily contact with organic matter, which is able to trigger situations of SCP-1124 to activate.
The entity regularly gnaws and consumes the casing in its containment unit, though the quantity of injury taken is appropriate because of the density and thinness of the movie used to line the chamber. Further analysis into containment is deemed obligatory because the creature has been proven to develop in minor increments when extra materials is consumed.

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