SCP-799 – Carnivorous Blanket : Object Class – Euclid : Carnivorous SCP

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SCP-799 – Carnivorous Blanket : Object Class – Euclid : Carnivorous SCP

Item #: SCP-799

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each specimen of SCP-799 is to be kept in a separate bio-containment cell at Bio-Site-66. 100 g of dry brine shrimp is to be sprinkled over each object monthly; if this is not available, 500 g of household dust will suffice. It has been determined that Bio-Site-66’s maintenance staff remove significantly more than the necessary quantity of dust from the D-class dorms monthly. This dust is to be collected in the usual dustpan bags and delivered as necessary. No more than 500 g per specimen is necessary or advised. Should any “throw pillows” or similar objects appear, they are to be placed in separate containment immediately and the presiding researcher notified.

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