SCP-001-FI "Suomi-submachine gun"

Item #: SCP-001-FI

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-001-FI is to be stored in a secure locker at Site-██. Access to SCP-001-FI is restricted to personnel with Level 3 clearance or higher. No live ammunition is to be loaded into SCP-001-FI under any circumstances. SCP-001-FI must be inspected monthly for any signs of corrosion or degradation, and any necessary maintenance must be performed immediately.


SCP-001-FI is a Suomi submachine gun manufactured by the Finnish arms manufacturer Tikkakoski Oy in the late 1920s. SCP-001-FI appears to be a standard model of the Suomi submachine gun, with a length of approximately 900mm and a weight of approximately 4.5kg. However, SCP-001-FI exhibits anomalous properties that differentiate it from a non-anomalous firearm of the same make and model.

SCP-001-FI’s primary anomalous property is its ability to generate ammunition spontaneously. When SCP-001-FI is loaded with an empty magazine and the trigger is pulled, a single round of live ammunition will materialize in the magazine. The origin of this ammunition is currently unknown, as no evidence of material displacement or matter conversion has been observed during testing. SCP-001-FI appears to generate ammunition at a rate of approximately one round per minute.

SCP-001-FI has also been observed to emit a low-level hum when in close proximity to human subjects. This hum has been recorded at frequencies between 10 and 60 Hz, and has been noted to induce feelings of unease and discomfort in some individuals. Further research is required to determine the cause and purpose of this effect.


SCP-001-FI was recovered from an abandoned warehouse in Helsinki, Finland, following reports of strange noises and disturbances in the area. Foundation operatives discovered SCP-001-FI along with several crates of live ammunition and a small quantity of what appeared to be cocaine. The individuals responsible for the storage and transportation of SCP-001-FI were not identified or apprehended.

Testing of SCP-001-FI has revealed that the generated ammunition is indistinguishable from non-anomalous ammunition of the same caliber and type. However, it is recommended that personnel handle SCP-001-FI with extreme caution, as the origin and composition of the generated ammunition are unknown.


SCP-001-FI’s anomalous properties suggest that it may have been created or modified through anomalous means. Foundation researchers are currently investigating the possible origin of SCP-001-FI and any related anomalous phenomena. It is recommended that further testing and research be conducted in a controlled environment to minimize the risk of injury or containment breach.


Photographs of SCP-001-FI and a sample of the generated ammunition are available upon request. Audio recordings of SCP-001-FI’s hum are also available for research purposes.

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