Object Class: Euclid

SCP-[RETRACTED], designated as "Site-358" and colloquially known as "Site-19 of the North," is located approximately 30 kilometers northwest of Joensuu, Finland. The site is to be surrounded by a double-perimeter security fence, each layer being 5 meters high with barbed wire at the top. The space between the two fences is to be monitored by motion sensors and patrolled by armed guards at all times.

Access to Site-358 is strictly controlled. All personnel must undergo thorough security checks before entering and exiting the facility. The only access point is a secured gate, manned 24/7 by armed guards. All vehicles and personnel are subject to search upon entry and exit.

The surrounding area of Site-358 is to be kept under surveillance to prevent unauthorized access. The Finnish government has agreed to enforce a no-fly zone within a 5-kilometer radius of the site and to redirect civilian traffic away from the area under the guise of a military training ground.

Inside Site-358, SCPs contained within are to be held in containment chambers designed to their specific containment needs. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art containment technologies, including reinforced containment cells, automated defense systems, and emergency lockdown protocols.

In the event of a containment breach, Site-358 is to initiate lockdown procedures immediately. The on-site Rapid Response Team (RRT) is to be deployed to recontain any escaped SCPs. If the breach cannot be contained within 48 hours, the site is to request assistance from nearby Foundation facilities.

Description: Site-358 is a specialized containment facility of the SCP Foundation, designed to house and research anomalous objects and entities, particularly those requiring colder climate conditions or specific environmental needs that are met by its northern location.

The facility is comprised of multiple research wings, containment units, administrative offices, and support structures, including living quarters for staff. The design of Site-358 incorporates advanced security and containment measures to ensure the safe containment of SCPs and the security of Foundation personnel.

Site-358 is known for its research in cryogenics and its studies of SCPs that exhibit properties affected by or related to cold temperatures. The site's remote location and harsh climate conditions make it ideal for such research and containment efforts.

Addendum 358-1: Site-358 has been instrumental in the containment and study of several notable SCPs, including [REDACTED]. The site's unique environmental and technological capabilities have contributed significantly to the understanding of these SCPs and the development of containment procedures for similar entities.

Addendum 358-2: Due to the sensitive nature of research conducted at Site-358, all data regarding specific SCPs contained within is classified and accessible only to personnel with Level 4 clearance or higher. Unauthorized access to this information is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disciplinary action.