Skate 4 Gameplay Reveal Reportedly Arriving Next Month

The next entry in EA’s Skate series, which many fans are referring to simply as Skate 4, is reportedly going to be fully revealed in the coming month. All the way back in 2020, EA confirmed that it was beginning to develop a new installment in the Skate franchise after years of requests from fans. And while we have yet to see what this game will look like in an official capacity, it sounds like we won’t have to wait much longer to see it in action.

According to a new report from Try Hard Guides, EA is planning a new reveal associated with Skate 4 at some point in July 2022. This information is said to come by way of anonymous sources that are familiar with the game’s development. As for what might be shown off by EA at this time, the report in question doesn’t say. It’s assumed that gameplay footage will be the main thing that EA will highlight given that we still haven’t seen Skate 4 in action just yet.

Even though EA itself has yet to show off anything concrete from Skate 4, we did get a brief look at the game earlier this year via some footage that leaked. Although the gameplay that leaked stemmed from the game’s pre-alpha build, it still gave us a general idea of what developer Full Circle is aiming for with the new rebooted entry.

Perhaps the biggest question surrounding Skate 4 at this point in time involves its release date. At this point in time, EA hasn’t committed to a launch window of any sort for the game. However, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson did state earlier this year that Skate 4 will be releasing “soon,” which has led many people to believe that it could arrive sooner rather than later.


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For now, the only thing we know with certainty is that Skate 4 is poised to release on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms in the future. If new information on the game does come about in the near future, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop here on