Slipknot Is Coming to Smite

Smite is no stranger to crossovers with things like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Stranger Things already in the MOBA, but this week, developer Hi-Rez Studios might’ve just revealed the most unexpected collaboration yet. The studio announced that Slipknot would be coming to the game via a collection of new skins for different gods as well as an event centered around the crossover. All of this is scheduled to come to the game on May 17th in the 9.5 update with patch notes released already previewing what’s to come.

For those who may have second-guessed themselves after hearing that Slipknot was the latest crossover, yes, this is Slipknot the band, not the DC hero. The members of the eccentric metal group will join Smite soon with nine total skins distributed between three different gods. Those skins can be seen below:

Get some music in your veins with the SMITE x @Slipknot Crossover Event!

? Mick Thomson Chaac
? Jim Root Chaac
? Alessandro Venturella Chaac
? Michael Pfaff Raijin
? clown Raijin
? Jay Weinberg Raijin
? Corey Taylor Poseidon
? Sid Wilson Poseidon
? Craig Jones Poseidon pic.twitter.com/l9OyMv10D1

— SMITE (@SMITEGame) May 11, 2022

In addition to these skins, a few more cosmetics and customizations featuring the band will be added to the game on May 17th. Those in-game additions as well as the event itself are detailed below courtesy of the game’s latest set of patch notes. To see the splash arts for the skins as well as the rest of the changes coming in the staggered patch releases, you can check out the notes right here.


The event takes the form of a single chest with all Slipknot skins and cosmetic bundles contained within.
Unlocking chests will earn progress toward a Choice Chest Roll where players can select any item from the chest
After 3 rolls, the next (4th) roll will be the Chest Choice
All skins in the chest will also be available for direct purchase.
All Slipknot items will be discounted for the first two weeks of the release.
Unlock any 3 Slipknot items – from any combination of chest rolls or direct purchase – to unlock the Slipknot Music Theme!


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Mick Thomson Chaac Skin
Jim Root Chaac Skin
Alessandro Venturella Chaac Skin
Michael Pfaff Raijin Skin
clown Raijin Skin
Jay Weinberg Raijin Skin
Corey Taylor Poseidon Skin
Sid Wilson Poseidon Skin
Craig Jones Poseidon Skin

Cosmetics (Contained inside 2 bundles)
Slipknot Jump Stamp
Slipknot Level Up
Slipknot Loading Screen
Slipknot Avatar
Slipknot Recall Skin
Maggot Player Title
Slipknot Music Theme
Obtained from unlocking 3 Slipknot event items